Hello, I am James Makishima and I handle motorsports in Nissan's Marketing Division. I've been involved with the Dakar Project for two years now but would have to say that the Dakar Rally is a peculiar motorsport and there are many things that even I don't understand. This time I intend to look at the Dakar Rally afresh and ask myself just what it is. I would like to try to explain the mysteries of the event to the readers of this page. I hope to do this through three sections styled: "Team Interviews," "Today's Rookie," and "Ask the Team." The latter will seek to provide answers to your questions. In addition to official comments, I will present the actual words of the drivers, team members, and rookies themselves. I hope you will enjoy.
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Maxima's Column "Special Edition"

Drivers and staff reply to my simple questions.
Giniel de Villiers
Driver of Nissan Pickup No. 208
For this final team interview we chat with Giniel de Villiers. His name sounds French and the French pronounce it in the French way, but Giniel is actually a South African so his name is pronounced in the English way...
Direct, informal interviews with Ikemachi and Mitsuhashi. Read their own words.
Ikemachi Mitsuhashi
Yoshio Ikemachi has won the Unmodified T1 Production Car class in the 26th Dakar Rally.

After completing the final leg, I interviewed Ikemachi, who was waiting to climb the finish ramp...
I seek the answers to whatever you want to know about the team.
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